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About Us

DiaBull is a Veteran Owned company located in Northern California. Owned by Tony Pecci, a former enlisted soldier in the United States Army, DiaBull Design was born out of a pure passion for concept sketch and technical drawing. Tony began drawing automobiles at the age of 4, but soon found a liking for all topics involving technical drafting. Through his teen years, Tony continued his drawing and eventually attended a junior college with a major in architecture and industrial drafting and a minor in business accounting. After dropping out of college, he joined the United States Army in late 1989. While in the Army, Tony was stationed in West Germany and Southwest Asia, he found an affection for European Decorative Architecture and Persian Architecture. Two years after completing his time in the military, Tony continued his education at a trade school. His degree was in Computers and Electronics and not in the field of the arts. However, he excelled in producing high quality electronic schematics while attending technical school. He would eventually land temporary employment as a field technician for a Red Light Camera company in San Francisco, CA and then a career position as an IT Manager for the next 12 years in Concord, CA. It would be another 13 years before he would take his gift and pursue a passion that he had never followed with conviction. In 2009, he left his IT position to “find” himself. It was at this time that Tony met somewhat of a mentor at a local coffee shop and that reignited the desire to move forward with art. In 2010, Tony started a job as a porter at a car dealership. For a year, he had two hour lunches. While sitting in his car, eating lunch and listening to music, he started sketching asymmetric faces. These faces were mainly caricatures based on customers or co-workers. This time had laid the foundation for Tony's loose, cartoon style. Tony’s next job as a Hospital Security Guard in 2011 would put him in a position that required long hours, a lot of standing around or in the middle of action. Normally, this would not be ideal for a creative person to produce art. However, Tony’s art bled through regardless of where he was. While posted at sleeping patients’ rooms, he would perfect his cartoon faces, perspective ideas and shading in pen on his nitrile gloves. While patrolling the halls at night, he would write down ideas for new designs, logos, business names, etc in his report tablet. While on breaks and lunches, he would execute those designs onto used printer paper retrieved from trash cans. In 2013, Tony reconnected with his previous co-workers from his IT job and was hired part-time. This allowed him to drop his security job to 2 days a week and work for the new company for 16 hours a week. That change was the beginning of the dream he had envisioned for himself as an artist. At the end of 2014, Tony left his security job and currently works at his job for 16 hours a week and creates art for 40+ hours a week. Tony is currently in the middle of living his artist dream performing freelance work for friends and clients in the disciplines of Concept Design, Vinyl, Glass/Metal Etching, Automotive Design, Architectural Design, Freehand, Pen, T-Shirt Graphics, Tattoo Design, Digital Art, Photo Restoration, City/HOA Architectural Approval Design, Caricature Design, Skateboard Graphics and Logos.